This Video is to Show You How To Setup Your Own Region

                              On Adreans-World Grid

 The Video Narated by Phil Mammoth will go step by step on how to setup a Region.
 if you are unshore of youe Routers users Name and Paswaord and have Never set one up
 Here is a Link to find the Defalut  Login Name and Pasword for most Router's
 Port Range Forwording. Will allow you to run Multipull Regions in a Single Simulater.
 Forwording say Port 9000 to 9003 will let you run 4 Region's.
 Each Region must have it's own Port # so Region 1 would be 9000 and
 Region 2 would be 9001 and so on.
Single Port Forwording. Will only let you run One Region Per Simulater.
Port setting would be Port 9000 to port 9000.
running a Second Simulater you need to set the Port's to
9001 to 9001 Make Shore you Chang the Network http_listener_port.
In your Opensim.ini File to the corect Port #
Not All Router's Suport Port Range Forwarding.
please use the Setting's Best for your Router.

Opensim Tide Module

I have installed the Opensim Tide Module Created BY Jak Daniels.
in the Region Simulaters if you Wish to turn it on Scroll down the opensim.ini to
enabled = false
Change to  enabled = true
And have the Tide come in and out on your Beach.

Voice Module

Here At Adreans-World We Have a Working Freeswitch Sever.

It Is Preconfigured and SHOULD Work when your Region is up and running.

Yours truly

Adrean Flux :)



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