HG Address ( resort )


Hello and welcome to Adreans World.

Let me tell you about our Winter resort. Located in the north east of Adreans world. Here at the winter resort you can enjoy a comfy winter setting. With lite snow fall (Never too much to bother anyone). Go for a romantic sleigh ride. Ride the train! Or enjoy the scenery with your partner.

Enjoy a coffee with a friend at the out door café. Get your self a snow mobile and cruse the winter resort. Go Ice Skating, or go dancing on the ice rink floor under the stars!

In our log cabins:
Spend time with your loved one. Sit by a cosy fire. Dance! or just relax and watch a movie.

Visit Santa!
Sit on his lap and tell Him what you want for Christmas.
Or have your picture taken with Mr. Claus.

So come and enjoy the Winter resort here in Adreans world.

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